VTT is situated in Otaniemi, in the city of Espoo, about 10 km from Helsinki centre and about 25 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Transport connections from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:

  • Taxi to VTT Espoo (20 - 30 min and price around 50 €)
  • Airport taxi to VTT Espoo (price about 30 €); takes several passengers to the desired address and is somewhat slower (10-15 min) than the first option
  • Finnair City Bus or by train: the Ring Rail Line to Helsinki centre (price about 6,20 €). From the centre take a bus to Otaniemi (price 5,50 € payable to the driver and takes about 15-20 min): from the bus station Kamppi buses no 102 and 103 at platform 41 or 42 or buses no 195 and 194 at platform 69. Get off in Otaniemi to reach VTT.

List of Hotels close to VTT:


Map of conference location:

 Conference Location:   Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, 02110 Espoo

 Host address:                VTT MIKES, Tekniikantie 1, 02150 Espoo