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(13) Title Author list DOI
1. Absolute distance interferometer in LaserTracer geometry Karl Meiners-Hagen, Nicolae R. Doloca, Florian Pollinger, Klaus Wendt and Frank Härtig 10.7795/810.20130620a
2. Ball and Hole plate development for evaluation of µCMM O Kruger 10.7795/810.20130620b
3. Calibration of Photomasks for Optical Coordinate Metrology Felix Meli 10.7795/810.20130620c
4. Determination of misalignment and angular scale errors of a laser tracker using a new geometric model and a multi-target network approach Andrew Lewis, Ben Hughes, Alistair Forbes, Wenjuan Sun, Dan Veal, Karim Nasr 10.7795/810.20130620s
5. High-precision measurements of thermal expansion at cryogenic temperature on stable materials Stéphane Roose and Stan Heltzel 10.7795/810.20130822t
6. Precision angle comparator using self-calibration of scale errors based on the equal-division-averaged method Jong-Ahn Kim, Jae Wan Kim, Chu-Shik Kang, Jonghan Jin and Tae Bong Eom 10.7795/810.20130620f
7. Scanning phase shift interferometry in length measurement Guido Bartl, René Schödel 10.7795/810.20130620g
8. Subnanometer absolute measurements by means of mixed synthetic-optical homodyne interferometer Marco Pisani, Massimo Zucco 10.7795/810.20130620k
9. Synthetic wavelength based transportable telemeter with submicrometer resolution Sheherazade Azouigui, Jean-Pierre Wallerand, Thomas Badr, Steven van den Berg, Marc Himbert, Patrick Juncar 10.7795/810.20130620m
10. Temperature Measurement in Dimensional Metrology – Why the Steinhart-Hart Equation works so well Michael Matus 10.7795/810.20130620d
11. The INRIM 1D comparator with a new interferometric set-up for measurement of diameter gauges and linear artefacts G.B. Picotto, R. Bellotti, M. Pometto and M. Santiano 10.7795/810.20130620o
12. Towards traceable bidirectional optical size measurements for optical coordinate measuring machine metrology Rainer Köning, Bernd Bodermann, Detlef Bergmann, Egbert Buhr, Wolfgang Häßler-Grohne, Jens Flügge and Harald Bosse 10.7795/810.20130620r
13. Uncertainty estimation for comb based laser calibrations by direct comparison of 3 different combs Michael Matus, Petr Balling, Werner Mache, Anton Nießner, Petr Kren 10.7795/810.20130620q