Dimensional and related measurements at the macroscopic scale



Espoo, Finland

October 17th to 19th, 2017


Co-organized by


under the auspices of CCL,

the Consultative Committee for Length

within the Metre Convention


We are pleased to announce that the 3rd MacroScale conference will take place at the Centre for Metrology (MIKES) of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in Espoo from 17 to 19 of October 2017. It will be jointly organized by VTT MIKES, PTB and EURAMET TC-L.

In the tradition of the conference series “Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional Measurements” and following the 1st and 2nd MacroScale conferences held in 2011 and 2014, respectively, the MacroScale 2017 conference intends to provide a forum for latest reports on current trends and developments in the field of traceable dimensional measurements.