Scope of the conference

The MacroScale conference is devoted to the highest level of length measurements of objects ranging from several 100 µm to km in size and on their traceability to the SI unit of length. Welcome are reports on progress in the development or application of instruments, principles, methods, algorithms and measurement procedures and in the determination of the related measurement uncertainties, as well as reports on international measurement comparisons. This is to be extended to the measurement of quantities that are required to determine the uncertainties of dimensional measurements, such as sample and air temperature or probing interaction.

Topics to be addressed include

  • Interferometry (e.g. absolute range finding interferometry, imaging interferometry, displacement interferometry)
  • Calibration of length standards (e.g. gauge blocks, line scales)
  • Coordinate metrology (including multi-sensor systems, computed tomography, µCMMs and large scale CMMs)
  • Form measurements
  • Surface texture measurements
  • Tactile, optical and electronic sensors for surface or structure localization
  • Temperature and force measurements related to dimensional measurements
  • Angle metrology
  • Measurement uncertainty determination of dimensional measurements
  • Displacement and structure localization sensors

Submission of abstracts

Please submit abstracts by May, 17th 2014 electronically on the conference website at The submission form is available, please login first.

Abstracts should not exceed two pages and may contain images or diagrams in colour. Accepted abstracts will be made electronically available on the website together with the conference program a few weeks before the conference.

Conference format

The duration will be two and a half days, starting at on the first day.
The above mentioned topics will be covered by oral and poster sessions; there will be no parallel sessions.


Full papers will be published in a special issue of Measurement Science and Technology (MST). These manuscripts will be peer reviewed by independent referees. Alternatively, full papers can be published on the MacroScale website which will be maintained on a long term.


The early registration fee will be 340€ and will include proceedings, beverages, lunch, and the conference dinner. Payments made by bank transfer are preferred but payments made in cash at the registration desks are also possible. The fees will increase by 40€ one month before the conference. For the time being credit cards and checks cannot be accepted. The fee does not include the accommodation and travel.