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(12) Title Author list DOI
1. Absolute length measurement of prismatic bodies with PTB´s new double-ended interferometer under the influence of wavefront aberrations Katharina Rau, Torsten Mai, René Schödel 10.7795/810.20150616K
2. Aspects of angle determination in coordinate metrology Maryna Galovska, Michael Krystek, Reiner Tutsch 10.7795/810.20150325M
3. Determination of metrological structural resolution of a CT system using the frequency response on surface structures Matthias Fleßner, Nemanja Vujaklija, Eric Helmecke, Tino Hausotte 10.7795/810.20150223B
4. Development of a feature adapted measurement evaluation strategy Andreas Loderer, Tino Hausotte, Paul Steinmann, Marion Merklein, Philip Landkammer, Philipp Hildenbrand, Thomas Schneider 10.7795/810.20150325P
5. Economic high resolution fringe counting for heterodyne interferometers using FPGA technology Felix Meli 10.7795/810.20150325E
6. Evaluating and visualizing the quality of surface points determined from computed tomography volume data Matthias Fleßner, Andreas Müller, Eric Helmecke, Tino Hausotte 10.7795/810.20150223A
7. Measurement Standard for Monitoring Performance of Machine Tools in Harsh Environmental Condition Bojan Acko, Matjaz Milfelner 10.7795/810.20150331B
8. Recent Developments in Angle Metrology Tanfer Yandayan, Ralf D. Geckeler, Marco Pisani, Emilio Prieto and Frank Siewert 10.7795/810.20150325F
9. Renewal of the gage-block interferometer at INRIM R. Bellotti, M. Franco, G. B. Picotto and M. Pometto 10.7795/810.20150331A
10. Simulation of industrial environment in Large Volume Metrology Mariusz Wisniewski1, Dariusz Czulek, Robert Szumski 10.7795/810.20150325H
11. The uncertainty evaluation of homodyne signals Petr Kren 10.7795/810.20150325C
12. Which diameter matters? Rudolf Thalmann, Daniel Kündig 10.7795/810.20150325D