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(7) Title Author list DOI
1. Characterising the Positioning System of a Dimensional Computed Tomograph (CT) Benjamin A. Bircher, Felix Meli, Alain Küng, Rudolf Thalmann 10.7795/810.20180323C
2. Clamping of microgears with a compliant string Stephan Jantzen, Rudolf Meeß, Martin Stein, Karin Kniel and Andreas Dietzel 10.7795/810.20180323B
3. Integration of a step gauge measurement capability at the PTB Nanometer Comparator – concept and preliminary tests Christoph Weichert, Sebastian Bütefisch, Rainer Köning, Jens Flügge 10.7795/810.20180323G
4. Metrological set-up for calibrating two dimensional grid plates with sub-micrometre precision Rok Klobucar, Michael McCarthy and Bojan Acko 10.7795/810.20180323E
5. Traceable measurements of rounded cutting tool edges Anaïs Nicolet and Felix Meli 10.7795/810.20180323D
6. Upgrade of 5m-Bench System for Traceable Measurements of Tapes and Rules at SASO-NMCC Dimensional Laboratory Bülent ÖZGÜR, Okhan GANIOGLU, Nasser Al-Qahtani, Faisal Al-Qahtani 10.7795/810.20180323A
7. Versatile calibration artefact for optical micro-CMMs based on micro-spheres with engineered surface texture Rudolf Thalmann, Alain Küng, Anaïs Nicolet, Felix Meli, Christoph Battaglia, Michael Marxer, Thomas Jordi 10.7795/810.20180323F